Support Biko Center

Nurturing the youth and adults in our community is one of the ways we can make a difference. Please help us continue our work with your donation. We also welcome in kind contributions of paper supplies, musical instruments, and volunteers with exceptional skills for grant writing, computer, organizing, fund raising. For further questions please contact us at 718.455.5963. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for your contribution.

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Artistic creations at Biko Center

“The Artist is a silent love song that anyone who adores film can nonetheless hear, loud and clear!” (Kam Williams). At he corner of Bushwick Ave, and Granite St. just two blocks from the “L” Train, an unassuming four-story building serves the community in the most nurturing way.


Terrence Butler, piano
Metaphysics, fitness coach
Phyllisa Mason, fitness, belly dance
DJ Sterotype, film writing, music editing


Biko Arts Collective Members

Tyrone Owusu Slater Leader, 2006-present
Leanna Browne 2009-present
Mayleen Cumberbatch 2006-present
Alex Kwabena Colon 2007-present
Aretha Crosson 2009-present
Yeshvir Daamineni 2007-present


Biko Center Board of Directors & Staff

Ryan Buck President
Essie Duggins Treasurer

Ms. Joan Barclay 2009-present
Fr. Clarke Berge, SSF 2006-2007
Rev. Margaret Blackett 2006-2009
Fr. Tom Carey 2007-2009
Mayleen Cumberbatch 2006-present


Our Neighborhood

Within the five decades since Biko Middle was started, our community has developed from being among the lowest income places in Nyc. Traders have purchased and constructed new shops and property room. The remarkable distinction between your households who’ve existed below for decades and also the fresh increase of young experts and designers searching for affordable property has created the city more varied and powerful. Biko Center handles many community problems:


Our Building

The building was renovated by the Episcopal Community of St. Francis twenty-five years ago. The Episcopal Franciscan Brothers introduced religious, spiritual, and useful solutions for the town for over two decades. In spring of 2006, the brothers retired for their household in Long Island and hired the building to the fresh Biko Modification Centre.

About the Biko Center

The Biko Change Middle is just a religious group situated in East Bushwick and highlighting the Sea Slope and East Ny section of Brooklyn. It offers management coaching, academic and enjoyment programs and providers for that community. The Biko Middle operates to build up the social existence of the city and provide room for community actions and discover financing to aid our outreach programs.